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ชุดทดสอบแอมโมเนียม Tube Test (30 – 160 mg/L NH4-N and 40 – 200 mg/L NH4+)


NANOCOLOR® Ammonium 200

Photometric  determination of Ammonium
DIN method: At a pH value of about 12.6 ammonium ions react with hypochlorite and salicylate in the presence of sodium nitroprussiate as catalyst to form a blue indophenol.
Good reproducibility is obtained for weakly polluted waters. Heavy pollution causes errors, unless a distillation precedes the analysis. Strongly acidic and buffered samples have to be adjusted to pH 9 – 10 for the test using sodium hydroxide solution.

Data and ordering information
REF 985 006
Type tube test 0-06
Range 30 – 160 mg/L NH4-N
40 – 200 mg/L NH4+
Sufficient for 20 determinations
Shelf life at least 1 year
Sea water suitability yes 



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